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Saturday, October 20, 2007

How can we help save environment in our small way

The following tips will be of great help in making earth a better place to live :
1.Use less Water
2.Use less Detergents
3.Use less Paper
4.Use less Power - Electricity
5.Use less Fuel

It is easy and can be done ,How ?
1.Whenever you use water,wastege should be avoided.You can do this by observing your day to day activites requiring water.Each individual has different requirement and need,so he/she should try to control the use of water using commonsense.

2.Detergents are harmful to the environment,use less amount of detergents,while washing clothes and utensils.

3.Paper is scarce and expensive,Try to use less paper.

4.Electricity shortage is everywhere from Newyork to Nalanda.Every day switch off the power from mains for atleast one hour,this will help in saving energy and also saving money for yourself.You can choose the time according to your convinence.

5.Put off your vehicles for one day every week.Try to plan daily routine in a way that helps in saving fuel.Fuel saving helps mother earth,your country,your pocket and also your body.

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