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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clean Water Availability

Water the most important resource for human survival is the greatest gift of God.In the urban world,we take water availability and usage for granted.We should know that diseases from unclean water and non availability of basic sanitation kill more people than war.One in nine people across the world lack access to clean water. Approximately one-third of water pumps built by NGOs and government in remote areas are non functional at any given time. 40 billion hours every year is spent by people in Africa to fetch water.Same is the case in countries like India, Nepal,Pakistan and Bangladesh.Mainly women and children are involved in this transportation.They have to walk miles to collect dirty and contaminated water. Major portion of their day is spent on collecting water,which keeps them away from home,not able to take care of families.Kids are not able to go to school.On the way women are subjected to harassment and sexual assault. Lives of these women will improve, if clean water is made available to them nearby.Children will be able to study and get more time to play.Water-related deaths can be reduced by 21% globally if clean water is made available.

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