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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How can we commute green

While commuting for work we can use environment-friendly ways.We can make a positive impact on the planet by walking,cycling or taking public transport like train,bus or metro.
Big company like Google promotes self powered commute.Which involves going to work by foot,bike,cycle,skateboard,scooter or even kayak.Cycling to work is one mode of transport that is strongly encouraged by Google.
In San Francisco Bay area office of Google 4500 employees take the shuttle to work on any given day.The shuttle system is so rider-friendly and easy that employees often leave their cars at home and many even don't bother to purchase one.
If a big corporation like google encourages employees to use green ways of commuting to work ,why can't other companies do the same.
We as an individual can do the same and make a big  positive difference.

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