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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Useful tips while buying petrol

Do not Pump Full Tank of Petrol.......
This is applicable to India,where pump owners usually adopt different ways to steal petrol. Recently one of my friends sent a useful email with a very useful tip. I was surprised to know it but had a doubt so I talked to one of the pump technicians and he too accepted it as a fact. I think apart from providing space for the gas generated inside the petrol tank this is yet another reason why we shouldn't fill the tank to the brim. Many of us are not aware that the petrol kiosk pump has a return pipe-line (in Pink).
When the petrol tank (in the car) reaches full level, there is a mechanism to trigger off the pump latch and at the same time a return-valve is opened (at the top of the pump station) to allow excess petrol to flow back into the pump. But the return petrol has already pass through the meter, meaning you are donating the petrol back to the Oil Dealer. Also only fill up your car or truck in the early morning when the ground temperature is still cold. Remember that all service stations have their storage tanks buried below ground. The colder the ground the more dense the petrol, when it gets warmer petrol expands, so buying in the afternoon or in the evening....your liter is not exactly a liter. In the petroleum business, the specific gravity and the temperature of the petrol, diesel and jet fuel, ethanol and other petroleum products plays an important role. A 1-degree rise in temperature is a big deal for this business. But the service stations do not have temperature compensation at the pumps. When you're filling up do not squeeze the trigger of the nozzle to a fast mode If you look you will see that the trigger has three (3) stages: low, middle, and high. You should be pumping on low mode, thereby minimizing the vapours that are created while you are pumping. All hoses at the pump have a vapour return. If you are pumping on the fast rate, some of the liquid that goes to your tank becomes vapour. Those vapours are being sucked up and back into the underground storage tank so you're getting less worth for your money. One of the most important tips is to fill up when your Petrol tank is HALF FULL. The reason for this is the more Petrol you have in your tank the less air occupying its empty space. petrol evaporates faster than you can imagine. petrol storage tanks have an internal floating roof. This roof serves as zero clearance between the Petrol and the atmosphere, so it minimizes the evaporation. Unlike service stations, here where I work, every truck that we load is temperature compensated so that every litre is actually the exact amount. Another reminder, if there is a petrol truck pumping into the storage tanks when you stop to buy Petrol, DO NOT fill up; most likely the petrol is being stirred up as the Petrol is being delivered, and you might pick up some of the dirt that normally settles on the bottom.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Infographics - Save Water

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clean Water Availability

Water the most important resource for human survival is the greatest gift of God.In the urban world,we take water availability and usage for granted.We should know that diseases from unclean water and non availability of basic sanitation kill more people than war.One in nine people across the world lack access to clean water. Approximately one-third of water pumps built by NGOs and government in remote areas are non functional at any given time. 40 billion hours every year is spent by people in Africa to fetch water.Same is the case in countries like India, Nepal,Pakistan and Bangladesh.Mainly women and children are involved in this transportation.They have to walk miles to collect dirty and contaminated water. Major portion of their day is spent on collecting water,which keeps them away from home,not able to take care of families.Kids are not able to go to school.On the way women are subjected to harassment and sexual assault. Lives of these women will improve, if clean water is made available to them nearby.Children will be able to study and get more time to play.Water-related deaths can be reduced by 21% globally if clean water is made available.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

How can we commute green

While commuting for work we can use environment-friendly ways.We can make a positive impact on the planet by walking,cycling or taking public transport like train,bus or metro.
Big company like Google promotes self powered commute.Which involves going to work by foot,bike,cycle,skateboard,scooter or even kayak.Cycling to work is one mode of transport that is strongly encouraged by Google.
In San Francisco Bay area office of Google 4500 employees take the shuttle to work on any given day.The shuttle system is so rider-friendly and easy that employees often leave their cars at home and many even don't bother to purchase one.
If a big corporation like google encourages employees to use green ways of commuting to work ,why can't other companies do the same.
We as an individual can do the same and make a big  positive difference.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

The birds of India

India boasts of over 1,200 bird species and ranks 7th in the world for its diversity of avifunal species.Species that can be spotted in urban zones include Koel,Pariah Kite,Spotted Owlet,Tailor Bird and Purple Sunbird.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Palm oil causing destruction of rainforest in Indonesia

I recently received an email from Greenpeace India.This shows our ignorance towards the environment,we live in and the impact of our follies.
Did you know that India is now the world's largest importer of palm oil, used by major brands in edible and cosmetic products? And that palm oil is causing horrific deforestation in Indonesia?
So when a company like Nestlé asks you to take a break by having a Kit Kat bar, that Kit Kat bar may be involved in the destruction of rainforests.
Kit Kat often contains palm oil from companies who are cutting down Indonesian rainforests, speeding up climate change, threatening the livelihoods of local people and pushing orangutans towards extinction.
I am not against Kit Kat or palm oil,but we should think the impact on our surroundings before using any product.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Save water,if you want to live longer

The news is grim. In China, India, the U.S. and elsewhere, people are depleting aquifers faster than they are being replenished. At current rates of consumption and growth, two-thirds of the world's population will face water scarcity in 20 years. Drought has come to sear not just famously dry places like Arizona and Australia but also cities like Atlanta and Barcelona. Water-borne diseases kill 5 million people each year--more than AIDS and war combined. In short, the prognosis is poor--if, that is, we continue our wayward ways. Fortunately, we don't have to. Unlike such global problems as war and poverty, the water crisis stands a good chance of being solved in our lifetimes, through human ingenuity.

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